Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Brief Excursion into the Zenopus Dungeon

Smelly Jelly, a 6'6" spell-caster with a particularly offensive body odor, and Bilzo Bogins, a burgling Halfling, decide they want to explore the supposed dungeon under the ruined tower of Zenopus on the hill overlooking the west end of Flingport aka Portown. They visit the Green Dragon seeking other interested parties, and they hit it off with a fighting man named Furyos.

Early next morning, the three friends make their way to the ruins and uncover the stairs leading down into the dungeon. Confronted with a choice of corridors, they proceed straight, which Furyos makes sure Smelly and Bilzo understand means they are heading west. Bilzo quickly picks the lock on the door before them, and they mildly search and find nothing in an empty room. Bilzo then quickly picks another door (he is on a  roll!), and Furyos, after some hushed argument, convinces Bilzo to let him open the door cautiously. Peering around the large chamber, he sees nothing at first; but as the three begin to enter, Furyos catches sight of three goblins—who also notice these uninvited guests. The goblins, seeing the plate-armored Furyos, as well as the head of a tall man behind him, flee for the opposite door. Before Furyos can finish thinking, Good riddance, Smelly and Bilzo are chasing after the goblins.

Furyos hurries up to support Smelly and Bilzo and the three attack the retreating goblins. Furyos’s sword whacks the big one good, but not quite enough to drop him. Seeing, then, that there is only one armored combatant, the goblins decide to not run but fight. The first two miss Bilzo and Smelly, but the big one pays back Furyos with a violent thrust between the joints of his plate armor, sending him reeling to the stone floor. Bilzo swipes air with his dagger, but Smelly slices through the medium-sized goblin with his sword. The two remaining goblins miss with their next attacks. Bilzo slams his dagger into the side of the big one, bringing him down. And then Smelly slays the small goblin.

Smelly and Bilzo search the room, finding two sacks filled with 500 silver pieces and a vial labelled GRO. Smelly opens a trapped chest carelessly, but is lucky when the gas dissipates before having any affect on him. Inside the chest are 2000 coppers, which Smelly and Bilzo split.

After discussing the possibilities, Smelly and Bilzo decide to bear Furyos back to town for a proper burial and service. They may sell his gear or use it to entice a new fighter (or two, for Furyos was well equipped) for another excursion into the dungeon.

On their way out, Smelly and Bilzo—the tall man and the Halfling awkwardly trying to get the heavy lifeless fighter out of the dungeon—are spotted by two goblins from the northern corridor. The goblins, though slight, smell blood and charge at the adventurers. As the goblins rush in, Smelly conjures a magic missile in the direction of one, while Bilzo hurls a dagger at the other. And just like that the goblins are dead. Bilzo reclaims his dagger, but finds nothing else of interest on the pair. Then Smelly and Bilzo pick up Furyos and leave the dungeon—to return at a later date.

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  1. And, yes, that is a sword-wielding magic-user. My son insisted on a Gandalf-like magic-user capable of using a sword. Having already decided to go with by-the-Blue-Book d6 weapon damage, allowing this was an especially quick and easy decision. (Plus _I_ really wanted to play!)