Monday, May 1, 2017

Some notes . . .

The kernel of an idea. Some notes. Four wandering musicians—minstrels, troubadours—traveling the road when see a carriage that has been forced off. Bloodied bodies. Mostly dead. A dying old man in the tall grass, arms thrown around a chest. He tells the young men it is their time. He opens the chest and the sun shines on the contents and the objects inside light up, each with its own aura—green, blue, red, purple. The musicians shall become heroes.

Catman Talisman
Embedded in magical black leather armor, the talisman allows transformation into a panther at will. In panther form, the catman attacks as a weretiger and can sustain 9 hp before taking any actual damage. The 9 bonus hit points are restored at a rate of 3 hp per day. Any items not stowed in a backpack at the time of transformation are dropped.

Displacer Vest & Bracers
Silvery leather breastplate and bracers that function as a displacer cloak, improving AC and saving throws by 2 and allowing a save for half damage when struck. The left bracer can open a dimension door once per day, and the right can shoot light rays equivalent to a limited magic missile (roll to hit [per Holmes basic], range equal to a spear). Cannot combine with other armor, and wearing a helmet will cancel the effects.

Demon Medallion
A medallion magically sewn into a thin-strapped harness. When the harness is worn, the medallion attaches itself to the wearer’s chest. The medallion imbues the wearer with ogre strength (+2 to melee damage), allows fire breathing (10’ range for 2–7 damage) up to three times per day, and allows flying at the unarmored/unencumbered normal movement rate. But the wearer will not easily give up a fight, always requiring a morale check at –3. Also, if anyone attempts to flee before the wearer agrees, it enrages the wearer, requiring an immediate bonus attack directed at the retreater.

Biotic Star Tissue 
This tar black, star-shaped, organic-seeming material with a hole in the middle attaches itself around the eye socket. When activated, the star pulsates grotesquely, though members of the opposite sex (human or demihuman) may find it oddly (helplessly) compelling. The star can be focused at will for minor telekinesis (moving objects within 30’ that are dagger-sized or smaller, but not with enough force to do damage beyond, say, slowly cutting a rope or other stationary object) or telepathy (with those in a 30’). It can also be used to charm a single human or demihuman. Upon attaching itself, the star permanently drains 2 hp, and all future HD rolls are reduced by 2. When charm is used it reduces hp by 2 for as long as it is in effect.

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