Monday, June 29, 2015

So What Is Thunderhall?

Thunderhall is located in the kingdom of Magremore, in the northern badlands known as The Hauts, on the border between Malihaut and Stromhaut. Thunderhall was a castle. Now it is the sunken ruin of a castle. Thunderhall, for all of its glory, was built on a sinkhole, the land beneath it having given way due in part to the underground waterways over which it stood and also in part to the Lord Untergehn’s dungeons which were under constant construction, obsessed as he was with expanding farther and farther down. It is known that Untergehn extracted great wealth from the earth beneath his castle, but the rumors say that the true extent of his treasures is far greater. Six months after the castle’s collapse Lord Abakmer led an expedition of more than fifty men into the sunken ruins. They constructed a kind of bridge down which they marched with their beasts of burden, expecting to return with the wealth of Thundehall. But no one ever heard from Abakmer or his men again, and the wooden parts of their construction were found completely burned away. Now and again a party of adventurers hoping to strike it rich venture out to Thunderhall but few if any have returned.

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