Tuesday, June 30, 2015

URFAD: Non-Player Characters

NPCs are hirelings, retainers, and followers, all of whom may be partially controlled by a player, while a “monster” is anything or anyone encountered who is fully controlled by the DM (so not a PC or NPC).
  1. Hirelings are paid to carry out specific tasks for PCs. They are always “normal men.” When an offer is made a reaction check is not usually needed.
  2. Retainers are hirelings of “unusual nature,” meaning they will have class and level (or else they will have been surrendered or subdued monsters). Typical cost for a low-level (1–3) retainer’s services is 100 gp per level and a negotiated share of the treasure. Mid-level (4–6) retainers may require 200 gp per level and a share, while high-level (7+) retainers may require 300 gp per level and a share. All offers should be checked using the reactions table above (under Combat).
  3. Henchmen are retainers who, in most cases, have gravitated to a character to the point where they will work without a contract or specific agreement, and may even adventure alongside the character without pay (assuming they are otherwise provided for). A henchman, though, may also be in this kind of service to another out of fear, blackmail, or enchantment. 
  4. Followers and Companions are henchmen who accompany a character solely out of loyalty (no need to check morale, as long the PC has not taken advantage of them) without any compensation, though leaders will often provide for their followers anyway.
  5. Retainer Morale: This is the same as checking monster morale (roll 2d6, less than 6 flees or surrenders) only the roll may be modified by high/low Charisma or other factors (e.g., treatment).

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