Monday, June 29, 2015

URFAD: Player Character Races

Classes: Fighter (level 8), Thief (level 6).
Restrictions and Benefits:
  1. +4 to magic-based saves. +2 to find traps. +1 to hear noise. 
  2. Note sloping passages, unstable or shifting walls, new construction, etc., while exploring, and has a 2-in-6 passive check for traps while exploring. 
  3. Take only half damage from ogres, trolls, and giants. 
  4. Dwarfs will typically speak Dwarfish, Common, Gnomish, Goblin, and Kobold.
Classes: Fighter (level 6), Magic-User (level 8), Thief (level 9), or combination of any two.
Restrictions and Benefits:
  1. Elf magic-users and thieves may not have more than 6 HD.
  2. When elves multi-class, the total levels gained between their two classes may not exceed 10. Elves must adhere to class restrictions, but those that combine magic-user and fighter may cast spells in leather or any magical armor and use swords and bows without penalty. XP is divided half to each class until second level is reached in both classes; after that, the two classes may never be equal so players must decide which class XP will be allotted to, alternating as needed (i.e., one class must be raised to level 4 before the other can be raised to level 3).
  3. First-level elves may progress faster in one class than the other since the XP bonuses (if applicable) are applied after the XP is split between the two classes and each prime requisite is considered separately. Likewise, when later allotting XP to one class or the other, use only that class’s prime requisite to determine if a bonus applies or not. 
  4. +2 to find secret doors. +2 to hide in wild. +1 to hear noise. +1 to move silently (leather only). 
  5. Elves have a 2-in-6 chance (passive check) of sensing secret doors and passages while exploring.
  6. Unaffected by ghoul paralysis. 
  7. Elves will typically speak Common, Elvish, Hobgoblin, Gnollish, and Orcish.
Classes: Fighter (level 4), Thief (level 6)
Restrictions and Benefits:
  1. Hobbit thieves may not have more than 4 HD.
  2. +4 to magic-based saves. +2 to missile attacks. +2 to hide in wild or shadows (leather only). +1 to hear noise. +1 to move silently (leather only).
  3. Hobbits use small or customized weapons: bow, dagger, hand axe, mace, sling, spear, sword, and war hammer.
  4. Hobbits will typically speak Common and Hobbit.
Classes: Any class to max level (10).

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