Thursday, July 2, 2015

URFAD: Move Object and Repair Object

I haven’t inserted too many new spells into my spell list, but here are a couple of simple first level ones. The first is the light telekinesis spell I mentioned previously, Move Object. The other is inspired by, gasp, the Harry Potter novels: Repair Object.

Move Object
Type: Magic-User 1
Duration: 6 turns
Effect: 1 object
Range: 60’

By means of this spell, inanimate objects, think bed-sized or smaller, may be moved at will.

Repair Object
Type: Magic-User 1
Duration: Permanent
Effect: 1 object
Range: 30’

This spell will repair one hand-held or smaller object that has been broken or damaged no more than 24 hours past. The spell restores the object to its previous state, not its original state. So a rusted item that breaks will retain its rust (and likely suffer its same fate before too long). The repaired object cannot be dispelled. It can be broken again in the same way it had been before.

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