Thursday, July 9, 2015

Monster Sheet: The Chthonictopod

The second monster sheet I made is for an “original” Lovecraftian/Cthulhu-inspired creation: the chthonictopod. Of course it’s not very original as many others have made monsters based on Cthulhu, and it’s more than just “inspired by,” as my write-up includes text that matches word-for-word Lovecraft’s first description of his deity, including the scaled but rubbery body, the prodigious claws, and the long narrow wings. I give these creatures an 8 HD mean, armor class equal to chain plus shield, and a special attack that I think may be unique in execution if not concept. The art for this one is an original collage that didn’t come out quite is well as I had hoped. I futzed with it a little too much, darkening the head more than I should have and not having saved a draft that I can easily get it back without undoing all of the other touch-up work I did on it. Oh well. It’s for me and the kids anyway, right? Or me.

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