Friday, July 3, 2015

Unoriginal Spells for Fantastic Adventures in Dungeons

I’ve gone ahead and uploaded my eighteen-page spells document to Google Docs: Thunderhall Spells. As mentioned previously I’ve not introduced many new spells, but here are a couple that made the cut:

Monstrous Chill
Type: Magic-user 4
Duration: Instant (but see below)
Effect: 1 target
Range: 30’

This spell releases a burst of freezing air that does 4d6 damage. Targets who make a successful save suffer only half damage. Victims reduced to 0 HP do not die but instead remain in a magically enforced cryogenic state. Dispel Magic and Resist Cold will break the cryogenic state only if the victim makes a successful saving throw (+2).  A Fireball will also break the state, but the target will not have a save against it (i.e., will have to take the full resulting damage). If not broken after seven days, the cryogenic state will be permanent.

Glancing Blow
Type: Cleric 3
Duration: 6 turns
Effect: 1 object
Range: 30’

This spell reduces any damage resulting from the target weapon by 1–6 points. It does not affect attack rolls, but one odd side effect is that it does allow for the possibility of damage against creatures that could otherwise only be hit by magical weapons. Dispel Magic and Remove Curse will break the spell.

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