Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Monster Sheet: The Troglodite

I’ve been creating what I call Monster Sheets: A page with a single monster description (brief, OD&D style), basic stats (HD, AC, #AT, DAM, and MV), and an illustration (not original because I can’t draw for anything). While the one monster per page format does not lend itself to elegant design, it is functional, allowing for individual creatures to be updated, or new ones inserted, without having to reflow any of the other entries: just print, punch, and place into binder. I’ll be uploading them to Google Docs as individual PDFs. Here is the first one: The Troglodite. Based on the original Lost Caverns of Tsjoconth, they’re getting 3 hit dice (rather than the traditional 2, although this is really the mean since all of my monsters have weaker/stronger versions), but I have them attacking strictly with claws and bites (two attacks, as opposed to the traditional three, again based on the original tournament module).

UPDATE: New version posted with small change to habitat (from “often near wetlands”  to “beneath ruined cities and unpopulated moorlands”).

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