Monday, July 6, 2015

URFAD: The Gnome

Gnomes tend to be six to twelve inches shorter than dwarfs and noticeably thinner. Gnomes, as player characters, are magic-using thieves. Following the multi-class rules laid out for elves, they may ascend to seventh-level thief and third-level magic-user. 
  1. Gnomes may not have more than 4 HD. 
  2. Gnomes take full damage from ogres, trolls, and giants, but those same creatures have a –4 chance to hit. 
  3. +4 to magic-based saves. +2 to find traps. +1 to hear noise.
  4. Note sloping passages, unstable or shifting walls, new construction, etc., while exploring, and has a 2-in-6 passive check for traps while exploring. 
  5. Gnomes will typically speak Dwarfish, Common, Gnomish, Goblin, and Kobold.

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