Wednesday, July 1, 2015

URFAD: Magic Missiles

As a followup to my recent post on spells, here is my entry for the iconic Magic Missiles spell that originally appeared in the Greyhawk supplement. The spell is cleaned up of any level-based effect. It grants three attacks even to first-level casters, but it follows Holmes in requiring an attack roll (in this case, one roll for each missile).

Magic Missiles
Type: Magic-User 1
Duration: Instantaneous
Effect: Up to 3 targets
Range: 150’

This spell conjures three glowing arrow-like missiles and hurls them at a chosen target. An attack roll, using the caster’s level as bonus, is made, and each hit will deal 2–7 points of damage (the target may not make a saving throw). The three missiles may be sent at the same target or two or three different targets, but they must always be sent at the same time.

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  1. OK, well, I guess someone can argue that using the caster level here is a level-based modification of the spell effect. But, as that is essentially adjusting for aim, and aim is a natural ability, not a magical process, I’ll argue that this piece is categorically different.