Monday, July 13, 2015

So What Is Magremore?

Thunderhall may be in the northern badlands of Magremore, but what the heck is Magremore? Magremore is a campaign setting I started to develop a couple of years ago. I added a lot more detail last year, but have not done much with it since. I’ve not used it any official way in the scattered games I’ve run with my kids. It’s definitely a work in progress that may well change a lot. I hadn’t ever gotten around to reading The Song of Fire and Ice series until earlier this year (and I’ve never seen an episode of the show) and so there are some things (e.g., a King of the North) which I would not likely have typed into the history if I’d read that seemingly ubiquitous storyline first. My eleven pages of notes, including a list of The Magrenian Kings and their accomplishments, or key events associated with them, and a kind of geographical glossary, are now uploaded to Google: Historical and Geographical Notes on Magremore.

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